The Jeffco Open Space Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit founded in 1998 (originally known as Jeffco Outdoors Foundation) to extend the reach and mission of Jeffco Open Space.

Over the years, Jeffco Open Space Foundation has provided partial funding to acquire the following well-loved Open Space parks:

  • Hildebrand Ranch Park
  • South Table Mountain
  • Alderfer/Three Sisters
  • Elk Meadow

Jeffco Open Space Foundation has also funded improvements at:

  • Evergreen Lake
  • Pioneer Trail in Evergreen
  • Lair o’ the Bear Park

Other accomplishments:

  • Jeffco Open Space Foundation has provided matching funds for Jeffco Open Space grants.
  • In 2013, Jeffco Open Space Foundation, along with PLAN Jeffco and Jeffco Open Space, organized the celebration for the 100th Anniversary of Denver Mountain Parks, the 40th Anniversary of Jeffco Open Space, and the 20th Anniversary of Great Outdoors Colorado.
  • Jeffco Open Space Foundation has funded transportation and fees for students from the Greater Denver Metro Area to visit Dinosaur Ridge, Hiwan Museum, Lookout Mountain Nature Center, Majestic View Nature Center, Chatfield Botanic Gardens, and Bear Creek Lake Park.

Supporting the Jeffco Open Space Foundation preserves public lands and adds to the legacy of access for all.