Launching the New Jeffco Open Space Foundation Website

New website screen capTo celebrate 25 years of the Jeffco Open Space Foundation, we have rebranded and launched this new website. With branding help from Norris Design and website design from Precision Pages, we are excited to bring you this improved space for engaging with the Foundation.

The mission of Jeffco Open Space is to:

  • Preserve open space and parkland
  • Protect park and natural resources
  • Provide healthy, nature-based experiences

And you can play a part when you donate to the Jeffco Open Space Foundation in one of three Trusts which align with that mission:

Tax funding enables Open Space to preserve and protect and offer the possibility of providing healthy, nature-based experiences. However, overcoming inequities in access to the lands that have been preserved and protected is where funding from the Foundation can step in.

In partnering with the Foundation, you can help us overcome barriers to realize the vision: The outdoors for everyone forever.

“My day isn’t complete unless I get to hike in a Jeffco Open Space Park. It’s an opportunity to clear my mind and appreciate the beauty and peacefulness. That’s why bringing this experience to those who don’t or can’t access our parks is so important to me.”
Jeffco Open Space Foundation Board Member

“My favorite JCOS park is the last one that I was in.”
Jeffco Open Space Foundation Board Member


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Supporting the Jeffco Open Space Foundation preserves public lands and adds to the legacy of access for all.