RAD: Recreation Adventures for People Experiencing Disabilities

Support RAD Jeffco as we remove barriers for people using mobility devices. This program focuses on Usable Trail modifications, training staff and volunteers, and acquiring adaptive bikes and chairs for use by individuals who experience a disability.

Sponsor a Bike or Track Chair

Bikes $17,000–$20,000
These custom, Colorado-built bikes are expensive and feature electric motors with varying degrees of assistance.
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Track Chairs $20,000–$25,000
These all-terrain wheelchairs are custom-built for adventures with powerful motors and durable frames.
See them in action

Donate to RAD

Support Usable Trail building, training, and buying and maintaining adaptive devices! Interested in fully or partially sponsoring a device?
Donations recognized on JCOSF.org, the device you sponsor, news releases, and/or additional promotion opportunities.

  • High Roller $500
  • Barrier Buster $250
  • Trailblazer $100

RAD Partners

RAD includes volunteer events to create Usable Trails, partnerships with the Evergreen Park & Recreation District who will assist with operations, the National Sports Center for the Disabled who will provide staff and volunteer training, and mentorship by the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks staff.

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